Emax EVOlution Control Unit NE249 120

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Производитель: Nakanishi

Advanced Control Function
Upgraded Digital Display. 
EVOLUTION on Speed Control Volume with Flash Load Indicator.

Diversity for work efficiency

2 Motors of A and B can be connected, and select the suited motor for work situation.

Memory Speed Function FiXpeed

An exclusive new feature of the Emax EVOlution, the 
FiXpeed system allows everyone easily to fix speed of 
motor A and B independently prior to operate. For 
example motor A can be set to maintain the speed set 
by the FiXpeed system while motor B has variable 
control using a foot controller. This function brings for 
unprecedented workability

Auto Cruise Function

The control unit is equipped with an Auto Cruise Function. 
While using foot control for work, anyone could fix the 
motor at any speed by the embedded motor switch. 
Once speed is set, foot pedal control is not required. This 
function eliminates foot fatigue during operation.

• Weight : 2.3 kg
• Power Source : AC120/230V, 50-60Hz
• Dimensions : W130 x D254 x H97 mm



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