ESPERT 500 Control Unit NE96 (230V)

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Производитель: Nakanishi

Optimal Control via Microcomputer

The operation of all Espert 500 functions is controlled by a high performance microcomputer (CPU) that is programmed with NAKANISHI's proprietary technology. AKANISHI's CPU has direct control of the brushless micro-grinder allowing smooth and highly precise cutting and polishing of a wide variety of materials. Bur "chatter" has been eliminated. The system automatically senses which micromotor is attached (ENK-500C or ENK-500T) and self adjusts to provide optimum micro-grinder performance.

Eco-Friendly Design

The electronic circuits are designed using NAKANISHI's proprietary technology to meet eco-friendly expectations by minimizing power consumption. Since power demands are minimal, no significant heat is generated and no cooling fan is required.

Auto Cruise Function

The control unit is equipped with an auto cruise function that operates the micro-grinder at a preset speed without the need to use the foot pedal. This function eliminates foot fatigue during prolonged operation.

Memory Speed Function FiXpeed
An exclusive new feature of the Espert 500 system, the FiXpeed system allows the user to independently preset the speed of motor A and motor B. For example motor A can be set to maintain the speed set by the FiXpeed system while motor B has variable control using a foot pedal. This function allows for unprecedented flexibility.

Simplified Hand and Foot Pedal Control

You no longer need to push a switch on the control unit to switch between hand and foot pedal control. If you want to operate the motor handpiece by hand simply push the NAKANISHI Smart Switch, if you want to use foot pedal control simply depress the foot pedal.

Compliance with EMC and other Safety Standards

NAKANISHI has given considerable thought to 'behind the scenes' performance. The Espert 500 system complies with the world's most rigorous EMC* standards. In electromagnetic terms, it has been designed to be very safe so as to curb the generation of electromagnetic interference (noise), which may cause failure or malfunctions in other equipment. The Espert 500 system will not be affected by external electromagnetic interference. The Espert 500 system also complies with the strict European safety standard EN61010-1. Operator safety is always NAKANISHI's highest priority.

Other Features

• Self Check Function (Maintenance Mode) 
• Smooth Operation • Operation Check Sound
• Highly Visible and easy to operate front panel
• 2-Digit Digital Display

• Power Source : AC120/230V, 50-60Hz
• Dimensions : W172 x D230 x H94 mm
• Weight : 2.6 kg
• Accessories : Handpiece Stand : 1 pc.
                       Handpiece Holder : 1 pc



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